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What to Do if You Have Been Molested

Have Been Molested

A Message to Individuals Suspecting that They Have Been Molested

The events and circumstances that have brought you to this article may vary in nature; you may be doing research with regard to child molestation and other types of sex crimes involving minors – however, if you or someone that you know has been molested, please be assured that there exists a multitude of help and support available to you. Primarily, it is important that you are made aware that you are a victim of a crime; you are neither to blame for being molested, nor are you responsible for the criminal actions of the individual who you may believe to have molested you.

That being said, you may be experiencing a wide range of thoughts and emotions, amongst which may include fear, guilt, shame, or anger – please allow yourself to feel these emotions without judgment; in the event that you – or a loved one – has been molested, you are entitled to experience overwhelming emotions that undoubtedly range in nature.

Have You Been Molested?

Due to the fact that you are considering and analyzing applicable events and details in conjunction with an experience that you may have had - in which you suspect to have been molested by another individual, you are embarking on a very important and difficult step within the process of prevention, healing, and recovery. In the event that you are uncertain whether you – or a loved one – have been molested, there exist a multitude of parameters associated with sexual child abuse and the sexual assault of a minor that may allow for clarification in your determination of this suspicion:

Parameter #1

Did illicit, illegal, inappropriate, or violating sexual contact occur?

In the event that you suspect that you or a loved one has been molested, you are encouraged to identify the nature of the actions in which you or another individual were involved – individuals who have been molested are typically the victims of inappropriate, unwelcomed, and invasive sexual contact.

Parameter #2

Are you legally-classified as a Minor?

Sexual offenses that result in an underage victim being molested are considered criminal acts; however, in the event that the victim was below the age of consent within their respective jurisdiction, that crime may be associated with a variety of supplemental charges due to the involvement of minors – state laws vary with regard to the age of consent.

Parameter #3

What was the relationship between the victim and the individual offender?

Regardless of the fact that the individual whom you feel has molested you or a loved one is a family friend, stranger, or acquaintance, victims of child molestation are encouraged to come forth and share the details of their abuse with a law enforcement officer, religious leader, community official, or teacher.

Parameter #4

Were you threatened?

Although child molestation is a crime despite any supplementary details within the circumstances themselves, the use of threats and exploitation may add to the difficulty and hardship experienced by the victim; however, if you received threats from the offender, you are encouraged to report any or all offenses in order to prevent further molestation and abuse.

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