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What You Need to Know About Child Welfare

Child Welfare

What is Child Welfare?

Child Welfare is a term that may be used to describe the provision of protection for the rights, freedoms, and entitlements granted to children; although certain rights are not shared between individuals classified as legal adults and those classified as minors, both the advocacy for a child’s rights and the protection of Child Welfare are considered to be obligatory.

Within the term ‘Child Welfare’ exists a wide range of circumstances and statutory legislation applicable to ensuring the absence of any nature of violation or exploitation exists with regard to Child Welfare; this may include the prevention of child abuse, the investigation of child neglect, as well as the operation of protective agencies and institutions specific to preserving Child Welfare.

Child Welfare and Child Abuse

Child abuse is considered to be in contrast, as well as direct effrontery to the assurance of Child Welfare. Although abuses in which children are victimized can take place in a variety of methods and settings, the end result of child abuse is considered to be uniformly damaging and destructive; the abuse of a child through the compromise of Child Welfare produce devastating effects with regard to the safety, wellbeing, and livelihood of a child:

Physical Child Abuse is defined as the violation of Child Welfare, which arises upon the physical harming, injuring, attacking, or assaulting of a child; although child abuse offenders may vary, parents and guardians are amongst the most prevalent agents within physical child abuse – this violation of Child Welfare may result in not only bodily injury sustained by the victim, but also a vast array of psychological and emotional damage undergone

Sexual Child Abuse is any activity sexual in nature in which a child is participatory; due to the fact that a child is not legally allowed to consent in any nature of sexual activity, sexual activity involving a minor or child is immediately considered to be a criminal offense – the engagement in this type of child abuse is not only considered to be a criminal activity, but it is also considered to place Child Welfare in jeopardy

Emotional abuse is the act of violating Child Welfare through the use of verbal attacks, insults, and threats; although this compromise of Child Welfare may be considered to be difficult to detect, the ramifications of such abuse may result in the development of emotional disorders and mental trauma

Neglect – in any form – is the stifling of Child Welfare, which results in the failure to provide a child with both human rights and personal freedoms entitled to them; as a result of neglect, Child Welfare may be places in jeopardy resulting from insufficient resources and living conditions adversely affecting the safety of that child

Reporting Crimes Violating Child Welfare

In the event that you have been made aware of violations of Child Welfare – or have been the victim of such crimes and circumstances, you are encouraged to contact the Child Abuse Hotline through their toll-free telephone number: 1-800-4-A-CHILD or 1-800-422-4453 - all calls are kept confidential and private.

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